Self Hypnosis

My journey into hypnosis started with Self Hypnosis and while it is something natural to me now, I recognize the long journey it took me to fully understand what it is, and hopefully you (the reader) will not have to endure such process.

There are many ways to explain self hypnosis, and from a practical perspective, the best way to explain it is to find examples where it naturally happens. A good analogy of how we are constantly being hypnotized is when we sit down to watch a movie, and find ourselves emotionally invested in the outcome of the movie, although our conscious mind knows it isn't real.

Or take for example, when we watch an ad promoting a certain restaurant or fast food chain, we find ourselves going to those places more often even though the food doesn't taste that good. This may be a surprise for you to realize, but with time, you'll slowly begin to connect the dots together and make sense of it all.

Also, think about a favorite song, and notice yourself repeating the lyrics, and ask if your internal behavior matches the words sometimes.

Now, in self hypnosis, the intention is to artificially induce a specific state in which our minds are prepared to believe the suggestions, just like believing the movie was real, or acting out the lyrics of your favorite song, which allows us to condition our minds to our favor instead of the opposite.

For example, instead of your mind going crazy as soon as you lay your head on the pillow, you can train your mind to go into a calm and peaceful state as soon as you lay your head on the pillow, and while there is a specific process that you need to follow, it is pretty straight forward and easy.

Depending on what you need changed dictates how long you will need to do self hypnosis for that specific issue, and while not all issues are resolved with self hypnosis, it is very possible to turn around your life to a very positive state of being.

The easiest thing to achieve in self hypnosis is some success in positive emotional states, these are (but not limited to) confidence, safety, comfort, joy, happiness, calm and relaxation.

So if you wanted to achieve blissful relaxed sleep, get yourself into a relaxed state, and allow yourself to go deeper into a hypnotic state, by counting yourself down, or by checking to see when your body is totally still and once you arrive at this state, you can do one of two things, you can either begin to tell yourself that you will have a deep and restful sleep, and how you will sleep like a log and wake up refreshed, or visualize yourself putting your head on the pillow and just blanking out completely.

If at any stage you begin to experience doubt, there are two things you can consider, the first, is to go into a deeper state of consciousness, where you are barely staying awake but maintain that state, and you will notice that those doubts are harder to come by. The second is to step back and instead of suggesting something too strong too soon, make a lighter suggestion, such as feeling as calm as you are feeling right now when you rest your head on the pillow, and you'll notice less resistance.

Later on, more information will be added to this sight about self hypnosis, so make sure you check every once in a while, and feel free to contact us if you need more information, this is a topic we love.


Self Hypnosis

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