Does Hypnosis Work

Is this the million dollar question that no one knows how to answer? Or is it something straightforward and scientifically proven?

Reality is, the way we understand Hypnosis dictates whether or not hypnosis really works. If we expect hypnosis to be this magical thing that can transform people in an instant, then it probably is (I bet you weren't expecting an answer like that ha?). Yes, I have seen miraculous transformations of people who have been clinically depressed for years, people with severe anxiety, lack of confidence, smokers, all relieved within one hypnosis session, and many others within two and more.

Hypnosis does work, but it really depends of the hypnotist (including yourself, in self hypnosis) as they facilitate the session and allow the client to resolve inner conflicts and sort out stuck patterns that have probably been there for years, while bypassing their critical factor.

The reason some may not agree to this belief may simply be because of their own personal experience, as while there are many great hypnotists out there, there are many bad ones as well. It may also be related to perception, as noted earlier, where people expect a certain outcome, without really understanding the inner works of hypnosis, then it is only true that they don't believe it would work on them, but when they realize what it really is, then it is only natural for them to go into a hypnotic state and make important changes.

If I were to demonstrate that we as human beings go in and out of a hypnotic state every day, where our unconscious mind takes over, then half the mystery is removed. Examples of this would be driving, which happens to many of us as we realize that we have no conscious recollection of how we arrived at our destination, a realization almost concerning, but our unconscious mind is so powerful it already knows how to do all of that.

Another example is when you watch a movie, you have no real track of time and how it passed, because the movie was so convincing and engaging, your critical factor was absent and you just became absorbed into the movie, and found yourself later on singing the same songs, maybe even repeating the same words as they are now embedded into your unconscious mind, so be careful what you watch.

Based on the above, it would seem appealing to enter that state intentionally to implant positive changes such as states of confidence and relaxation, as well as constructive habits. As hypnotists, we are trained to artificially induce the state of hypnosis for therapeutic change through relaxation and increasing once concentration.

The steps in sequence are the induction, suggestions and awakening. Simply put, the induction is guiding the mind into a state where the unconscious mind is in full receptivity, then implanting suggestions, and once all the work is complete, the client is awakened into normal waking state.

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